Another Rainy Day

from by Jens Wennberg



Once a boy and there's noone who needs him, there's a town that he has left behind. Going nowhere and no one knows him. Sleepless nights haunts his young mind. Ask a question he wouldn't know he is clueless he is on his own. Theres a man at the garden he works at he claims that nothing is for free. I know what you want, can't control my life. I know what you want, let me live my life. No friends and no life, still happy as he should be. Don't think it could hurt you, we know were you have been. A patrol hard as steel left him laying on that street that night. All the people looked away, acting like is was another rainy day. You don't know that you need it. You don't know that you want it.


from Number 3, released July 12, 2010




Jens Wennberg Sweden

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