from by Jens Wennberg



If she didn't get no drugs and the machines where gone. She would never have last for long. I mean shall we play god? Would you like to lie there in pain. Not knowing you're own name. When you're not able to communicate. And your body doesn't generate. All I know, is that's no life for me but I can´t be sure you say the same. What difference does it really make when she's barley alive. Why can´t we just spear her one day to end her endless pain. Won't we all just want to look ahead. Stop starring at an empty shell. She's not able to communicate and her body doesn't generate. Remember when I used to hide in her skirts. Me and my make believe friend Bert. It was so dark but still I felt the sun. Cars made of steel made me wanna run.


from Number 3, released July 12, 2010




Jens Wennberg Sweden

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