I'm a Monster

from by Jens Wennberg



will the time set me straight
live in a world that i hate
got a hard time to relate
cause I'm a monster

we´re just a small part of the big machine
just like puppets on a mad mans scene
oh i think it is so obscene
but i'm a monster

And all the kids can say their piece
But the word of truth is just for lease
say what you want, but make sure it fits the script

i wanna be free without this chain
but the state of the rich continues to gain
is it weird to feel this pain?
like i'm the monster

Our lives are govern by the interest rate
we live in a world with an expired date
Madness rules the public debate
And I´m the monster?

I try so hard to get a grip
Im afraid that my feet will slip
I can´t believe my life gone


from Welcome to 1984, released August 9, 2007




Jens Wennberg Sweden

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