Ordinary People​.​.​. Who Do They Think They Are​?​!

from by Jens Wennberg



Printing lies from the pedestal as they always done before. No reviews, undisputed truth. The ideal is gone, money is their bone, while they scratch each others backs. No questions asked straight ahead to the bank. Something new, reaches up and questions what the say. Ordinary people... Who do they think they are?! As they don't grasp whats going on. They deny they could be wrong keep on banging on that drum. What once was will always be, see my pipe and you will dance as we bang on our drum. Listen to our theme song it will all come clear to you. Our views a package of truth. Caught in a lie, nowhere to hide the emperors lost their clothes. No one left to hold their hands. Isolated in the cold they stand all alone. Ordinary people... Who do they think they are?!


from Number 3, released July 12, 2010
Martin Lampa - harmonica.




Jens Wennberg Sweden

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