Welcome to 1984

from by Jens Wennberg



Make some promises that you have no intention
To keep for the ones that count on you
In four years, no one will remember
So it's safe to spread some more lies
Then when you make them fools believe
You just have to play it safe
And guard your own interests
That's the way it works, that's the way they work

Welcome to 1984, were the people have no will
If you ain't got nothing to hide there's no need to be afraid

He want to now what you been up to,
Maybe you got a friend doing hish-hush
Or worse maybe your own children,
A computer full of bullshit billboard songs
So you see it's in the government's interest
To prevent such an awful crime
Such an awful crime

Welcome to 1984, where the people have no will
Politicians are sold and bought there's a price for every thought
Welcome to 1984 where the people have no will
Freedom of speech is the lie we're fed, while they strip us down to our last thread


from Welcome to 1984, released August 9, 2007




Jens Wennberg Sweden

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